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The consultation of Energy Conservation Certificat

Energy-saving product certification is a activity which based on China's relevant certification standards and technical requirements, in accordance with the internationally prevalent product certification procedures, confirmed by the China Energy-saving Product Certification Management Committee and through the promulgation of certification certificates and energy-saving signs, will prove that a product is energy-saving products, belonging to the internationally prevalent product quality certification category.
The certification of energy-saving products is supervised and guided by the State Administration of Quality and Technical Supervision. The specific work of certification is organized and implemented by the China Quality Certification Center.
Product energy-saving certification is one of the voluntary product certification business carried out by CQC, China Quality Certification Center. The implementation of the "saving" sign shows that the product meets the relevant certification requirements of energy-saving and water-saving.
The certification scope covers energy-saving certification of electrical appliances, office equipment, lighting, electromechanical, power transmission and transformation equipment, construction and other products, as well as water-saving certification of industrial water treatment, urban water use, agricultural irrigation and drainage, non-traditional water resources utilization and other products.
The purpose is to promote consumer’s active consumption of energy-saving products, guide and encourage the promotion of energy-saving products and technological progress by carrying out resource-saving certification.
The energy-saving certification mark of Chinese products consists of a circular pattern composed of the first letter "e" of "energy", which contains a deformed Chinese character "节", implying energy-saving. The outer circle of the gap forms the first letter "C" of "CHINA". The upper part of the "节" is simplified into the shape of an ancient Great Wall, which together with the pattern of a peak fire platform in the lower part, symbolizes China. The last half of "节" is the first letter "N" of the Chinese Pinyin of "能". Chinese and English are included in the whole design to facilitate international integration.